The bi-yearly Business Journal
An International Journal for Society for Human Transformation & Research
Vol.4, No.1, Jan - June, 2003

         William L. Rhey
         Hemant Rustogi
         Michael Sack

The Use of Visual Discrimination Technology in Cross
Cultural Research for Business

A Qualitative Method for Cross Cultural Business Research

         Donald W. Hendon
         Zafar U. Ahmed

How Overseas Chinese in Asia Negotiate:
An International Business Perspective

         Tara Wiseman
         Suneel Maheshawari    

Comparing of U.S. Accounting Standards for Intangibles with
International, Canadian, U.K., and Indian Standards
         P. L. Joshi
         Jawahar Al-Mudahki
Harmonization of Accounting Standards in Gulf Countries

          Keshav Sharma
          Deepak R. Gupta
          Parikshat Singh Manhas

    Rural Marketing Challenges in the New Millennium
A Case Study
         Siran Mukerji
         Purnendu Tripathi
e-Distance Education Management :
A Transformed Perspective
         Sanjay Srivastava
Organizational Culture and Work Related Values
An Ethnographic Perspective
         Anu Singh Lather
         Shilpa Goyal

An Analytical Study of Job Satisfaction in relation to
Personality and Psychopathology of Corporates

        M. Scalem
“mGov” in India
A Practical Research Proposition utilizing the Technological
and Management aspects
        K.B. Saji
A Framework to Analyze Patents for Technology Business Planning
        Vijay Kumar Shrotryia

Human Factor in Future
A Challenge of the Change

       S. Kuppuswami
       K. Vivekanandan
       Paul Rodrigues 
A Framework for Software Project Managers to Quantify
the Cost Effectiveness of Extreme Programming Practices
       R.K. Suri

An Analysis of the Reasons for Voluntary Retirement

White Paper –
       Vineet Agrawal
       Manish Mittal
       Lavanya Rastogi

Enabling e-Governance
Integrated Citizen Relationship Management Framework
The Indian Perspective

       Wim F. Schaefer
       Sjirk D. Meijer
Analyzing the Safety Culture of Construction Companies
Case Study –
       Sameer Anand

Taking the Right Decision

  Book Review –
       Lavanya Rastogi

            Building the Knowledge Management Network


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